Alabama Homeland Security: Gay rights supporters and Environmentalists = terrorists

Gay & Lesbian Pride FlagJust in case there was any doubt as to the depth of the infection of hate in our society…

From the RawStory

Alabama Homeland SecurityAlabama site classifies environmental activists, gay rights supporters as possible terrorists

The Alabama Department of Homeland Security has taken down a webpage that listed environmental, anti-war, and gay rights groups as possible terrorists, according to a report from the Associated Press.


The Web site identified different types of terrorists, and included a list of groups it believed could spawn terrorists. The list also included environmentalists, animal rights advocates and abortion opponents.

“Single-issue extremists often focus on issues that are important to all of us. However, they have no problem crossing the line between legal protest and … illegal acts, to include even murder, to succeed in their goals,” it read.

“Our group has only had peaceful demonstrations. I’m deeply concerned we’ve been profiled in this discriminatory matter,” said Howard Bayliss, chairman of the gay and lesbian advocacy group Equality Alabama.

“The director of the department, Jim Walker, said his agency received a number of calls and e-mails from people who said they felt the site unfairly targeted certain people just because of their beliefs,” the AP reported. “He said he plans to put the Web site back on the Internet, but will no longer identify specific types of groups.”

The site described the various groups as “single-issue terrorists” who include “people who feel they are trying to create a better world.”

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