More on the “Dog House” saga

Dog HouseThe Orange County Register - Brian Joseph reports today on State Assembly Republicans offering tours of OC Assemblyman Todd Spitzer’s new room with a view of the Capitol Park. 😥

As I covered last week Spitzer Opposes Downsizing, Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez assigned Todd Spitzer to new quarters to accommodate Republican Assemblyman Paul Cook who needed more space. 

“This is what happens when a majority who feels like they’re unaccountable to the electorate can say we’re going to throw you into an office for standing up for people,” said Assembly Republican Leader Mike Villines of Clovis before handing Spitzer a pair of boxing gloves signed by the caucus. “They’re for you, buddy,” Villines said. “They’re for you, for taking one for the team.”

“Make no mistake, this is a punishment to Todd,” Villines said, “because Todd took a leadership role, Todd refused to back down.”

Now for the fun part…  😀

Nunez last sent a lawmaker to the doghouse in May 2006 after Assemblyman Juan Arambula, D-Fresno, failed to vote for any of the infrastructure bonds. The most recent occupant, Assemblyman Paul Cook, R-Yucaipa, reportedly was put in the doghouse at the direction of Villines because he voted against Villines for Republican leader.

Villines doth protest too much, methinks. 😳

You’ve gotta wonder here, what is annoying Villines more? Is it the fact that Spitzer got moved to the ‘Dog House’ or the fact that Cook was moved out of it?  Hmmm? 🙄

In my previous post I said; “I cannot understand all the fuss. I thought Republicans endorsed the downsizing of government.  I guess that theory doesn’t hold true in when it is applied to one of their own.”

In Brians’ story he quoted the Speaker’s Deputy Chief of Staff Steve Maviglio on the matter.

“If this was a punishment, he wouldn’t have a view of the park, he’d be out on the steps with a black plastic bag,” said Steve Maviglio, the speaker’s deputy chief of staff. “I think it’s absurd. We thought the Republicans would favor the downsizing of government.”

I wonder if Steve reads our little blog here in TheOC?

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