State of Denial

Trung Appeal: Not an EmergencyH/T) to Peggy at Total Buzz.  Trung Nguyen has had his request for an emergency review of Judge Brenner’s decision, that settled the First District Orange County Supervisor contest in favor of Janet Nguyen, DENIED.

The case will move forward, but at the usual snails pace of the Court of Appeals process.

From Peggy’s post on Total Buzz:

The court said that the recount issue brought up during Trung Nguyen’s battle with Janet Nguyen will have statewide ramifications durnig the next election, but Election Day is “relatively far away.” The issue is a technical one, and the slower appeal should be done “to study all facets of a complex issue,” the court said.

Here is the complete decision from the Court of Appeals.

From RedCounty/OCBlog here’s Janet Nguyen consultant Dave Gilliard’s comment:

Trung and Schroeder lost the election and today they lost in court. The Appeals Court just denied their Writ.

Their latest maneuver was to file a campaign code complaint today. The complaint is just another part of the orchestrated political smear campaign. If there were any code violations, they were completely inadvertent and have been being dealt with properly.

I Think I CanSo the good news is there is no rush on this matter.  That’s also the bad news, because this will just go on forever. 

For Trung and his “I Think I Can” challenge, this is also bad news.  The longer this drags out, the more people are going to get tired of his antics and see him as a sore loser.  Not a good place to be if he hopes to challenge Janet Nguyen in 2008.