Outsourcing Reporters


Taj Mahal

Martin over at Total Buzz Blog found this story from AP and posted it on Friday. The story caught my eye in light of the coverage county workers have recieved from our local media regarding the outsourcing of government jobs embraced and promoted by OC Supervisor Moorlach. 

The slant from the reporters covering this issue has appeared to be in the direction of “if it saves the taxpayer money, it must be a good idea.”  The flaw in that theory is the assumption that you can get the same level of service from outsourced work that you get with workers you directly supervise and control.  We have seen this problem demonstrated with the Access services contracted out by OCTA and in failed contracts to provide health care related supportive services.

Maybe the possibility that the jobs of reporters and the jobs of editors could be outsourced successfuly to India will cause the coverage perspective to change.

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