“The President Refuses to Listen to the American People…..”

As the CNN poll showed yesterday, the overwhelming majority of the American people were against the Veto on Iraq war spending.

Pelosi on Iraq Veto Threat: ‘President Has Again Chosen Confrontation Over Cooperation’ Washington, D.C. – Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued the following statement today following news reports that the President is threatening to veto the revised Iraq Accountability Act that the House will vote on this week: 

“With this latest veto threat, the President has once again chosen confrontation over cooperation.  For four years, the President has refused to pay for this war responsibly, and it is his veto of the Iraq Accountability Act – which gave him more than he asked for – that brings us to this point today. “Even as the Congress addresses some of the White House’s concerns, the President waves his veto pen at any proposal that does not give him a blank check for a war without end in Iraq. The President refuses to listen to the American people who want this war to end.  Instead, what they’re getting from the President is further escalation of the war: maintaining an additional 35,000 troops, lengthened deployments, and expanded troop levels until at least April 2008. Our bill will fully fund the troops, honor our commitment to our veterans, hold the Iraqi government accountable and end the war.  The President’s only response to our good faith efforts is another veto threat.” And interesting enough, this story in the conservative publication Human Events has a survey that says impeachment of the current administration is gaining ground with 38 percent of those polled in favor of dumping W and Dick.  Imagine what the numbers might be from a liberal publication.