Fewer Admit to Being a Republican: May 2 Rasmussen Poll

Spent a little time over at this non-partisan polling site a conservate pal told me about (you’ll rue the day Doug).The Republican party is bleeding members. Wonder why?

Little joy for the Dems too; our numbers are down. DTS is the new hot affiliation (Art Pedroza is ahead of the curve)

Number of Republican in U.S. Hits New Low
Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The number of people identifying themselves as Republicans has fallen to a new low. A Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey of 15,000 adults in April found that just 31.0% now say they belong to the Grand Old Party. That’s down from 31.5% the month before and reflects a drop of more than six percentage points from the peak of 37.3% during Election 2004.

However, the survey also found a decline in the number identifying themselves as Democrats. Today, 36.5% say they belong to Nancy Pelosi’s party. That’s the lowest total in eleven months and represents a decline from 38.0% since the Democrats began running Congress.

As a result, the number not affiliated with either major party has jumped to an all-time high—32.4%. That’s up eight percentage points since Election 2004 and means that there are now more politically unaffiliated adults than Republicans.

These results are based upon tracking surveys of 15,000 adults per month. The margin of sampling error is less than one percentage point, with a 95% level of confidence. Please keep in mind that figures reported in this article are for all adults, not Likely Voters. Republicans typically do a bit better among Likely Voters (in fact, the two parties ended up even among those who showed up to vote in 2004).

The Democrats net advantage over Republicans is now 5.5 percentage points. That’s down slightly from the peak advantage of 6.9 points following Election 2006. However, the Democratic edge remains larger than at any point prior to the fall of 2006.