logo.jpgBlogging Live from the California Democratic Party Convention.

Things got off to the usual late start, about 9:30.

Chairman Art Torres reported to the 1145 Registered delegates that San Diego is now a Democratic city, 39 to 36 percent.

Waiting for Hillary, we have heard from Congressmembers Filner and Davis as well as LG Garamendi, and State Supt. of Public Instruction Jack O’Connell.

10:20 AM: We’ve heard from State Treasurer Bill Lockyer thus far the looongest speech of the morning.

AG Jerry Brown wrapped up after a short 5 minutes an now we have a video address from Senator Barbara Boxer.

10:30: Still waiting for Hillary.

10:35:: Torres just introduced Senator Hillary Clinton after stalling for a few minutes. She is doing a short walk around the floor to the stage, surrounded and followed by supporters.

I will post some of the highlights from Hillary’s speach and press conference following the speach a little later. I am currently blogging from my Motorola Q and there is just too much to post from my phone.

Hillary, talking about the Iraq occupation and the efforts in Congress to bring the troops home, gets heckled.