He’s got soul, but he’s not a soldier


Larry Harman’s Iraq resolution failed in La Palma tonight (4-1).  I hear that the meeting was a pretty heated one, and even though Larry couldn’t get any support on the resolution (not even from the other Dem. on the council, Ralph Rodriguez), he’s happy that his resolution has started a dialogue in the city of La Palma about the war.

This resolution was a topic of conversation tonight over coffee with a friend, and while we both agreed that more dialogue about the war is good, the two of us had different opinions about “inconsequential” city council resolutions.

Which one do you agree with?  Which one do you think is mine?

City Councils shouldn’t waste their time on empty resolutions.  What good does it do to have a council argue about, and then vote on: “Whereas the City of Cypress hereby declares that ice cream is a tasty summer treat.”

City staff has better things to do than help a councilman draft, agendize, discuss, and vote on a dumb resolution that affects nothing.  If a council member feels strongly about an issue, she should write an editorial, not a resolution.

A resolution by a city council may not directly influence the controversial issue and its outcome, but it could start a dialogue and get more people thinking about said issue.  A resolution from a city could send a message to a congressperson or senator letting them know that an entire city’s representatives feel strongly about a larger issue.

It is cliché, but true: all politics is local.  The way our federal government spends trillions of dollars today will affect the way our city government will be able to spend in the future.

If you think that Harman abused his city council powers when he brought forth this resolution, the way La Palma Mayor Mark Waldman has said, then you probably need to re-enroll in Civics 101.
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  1. Anonymous
    April 18, 2007 at 7:09 am

    i’m going to go with ‘b’

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