A Pagan supports Bible as Literature

I’ve read the posts and quite honestly, I am suprised that HBUSD does not offer the course. Other High Schools have offered the course as an upper division elective that completes a literature requirement. (American or British lit were popular). There isn’t anything terribly ‘relegious’ about it since the students get King James Bibles.

It would be nice to see literature classes based on the Qur’an, the Ramayama or other work of literature that is a basis for relegion. As a Pagan, I support our public schools instructing our young people to become well rounded individuals with a basic knowledge of many relegions and cultures. I’ve never fretted much about relegion in school, look at Halloween; Pagan traditions also had a strong influence in Christian Holidays of Christmas and Easter.

This weekend, just look for a good bunny tale and stay away from the peeps.