Let them eat pie?

George Norby?

On Thursday the 22nd of February Board Chairman, Fourth District Supervisor Chris Norby, and his wife Marsha served County workers lunch in honor of George Washington’s Birthday. Workers were treated to Ham or Turkey sandwiches, potato salad, and cherry pie. Chairman Norby paid for the lunch himself with left over campaign funds.

One of the highlights of the lunch was the sight of Chris Norby and his wife Marsha dressed up as George and Martha Washington.

Chris and Marsha; thanks for the lunch. Please understand that our attendance at this little shindig was not us looking for a free lunch as your colleague on the Board John Moorlach may seem to think. Rather, we accepted your invitation in the true spirit of remembering a great leader of our nation.

Chris, also please understand that County Workers are not as easy as pie. We expect to be treated fairly in our upcoming contract negotiations and not vilified by you or your colleagues as thugs looking to get something for nothing.