(Accused) Terrorist Loves the RNC

I had some fun with state assembly rep. Chuch DeVore recently over on OCBlog.net about his proposed legislation to prevent terrorists or those who support terrorist organizations from being state employees.  Basically, I think Chuck is worried about the next smoking gun in California might be a jihadist clerk in the DMV.  I have a little more faith in the people who fire and hire those who work for the state government than he does.

Then I came accross this ABC News report on Huffington Post that I wanted to share.

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) won’t say what it plans to do with thousands of dollars in campaign donations it received from an accused terror financier.

Abdul Tawala Ibn Ali Alishtari gave $15,250 to the NRCC since 2002, according to FEC records published on the Web site opensecrets.org.

Perhaps Chuck can amend his bill to prevent his party from accepting money from accused terrorists.