Marty Wisckol’s column in Monday’s Register outs GOP consultant Adam Problesky and the Lincoln Club as the parties behind the Irvine City, School and Neighborhood Leaders Committee, the group that put out some of the meanest and nastiest fliers in last fall’s city election in Irvine.  Out and out falsehoods, fear and propaganda, or what Steve Greenhut might descrive as “excellent” since its the only adjective he ever uses to describe Republican campaign literature.

True colors showing gentlemen.  Its all about winning at any cost, not about winning a debate of ideas or of record, but all about ad hominem attacks.  Because the best political consultants I know tell me you only go negative when your positives can’t go higher.  Nice to see the Lincoln Club and Adam set the bar so low.  And these guys have the nerve to bitch about the Hometown Voter’s Guides, which documented records of opposed candidates and attributed information.

Adam sees no advantage to discussing this, let alone confirm Marty’s information.  You’re caught bub.  Like a bad husband on “Cheaters.

There must be some truth to the rumor that scientists are now using GOP consultants to perform experiements on?  Its because there are some things that even lab rats won’t do.

Nice work Marty.

AN UPDATE:  I am reminded all the time that MSM reports often originate in the blogsphere.  I failed to credit original investigation on this by Matt Cunningham in the  I hadn’t paid much attention to his posts on this until Marty reported it in the Register and believe Marty was still the first to connect Adam Problesky to this IE.  Still credit to Matt for being curious enough about the issue to bring it to light.  Matt, I guess I just have to ready *everything* you post from now on. 😉