Dear Senator Correa: Why Do You Oppose an End to the Iraq War?

Andrew Davey posted over at Calitics a letter that he sent to Lou Correa’s office asking him why he voted against SJR 1, and why he is now refusing to explain to his constituents what prompted him to vote that way.  From Andrew’s letter:

If I didn’t believe that you cared about our best interests, then I wouldn’t bother writing to you in the first place. So why, Senator Correa? Why would you vote against this resolution, even as your own constituents cry for an end to this war? Why would you vote against this resolution, even as your constituents are paying a dear cost for this failed war in some way or another? Why, when you know how this war is hurting our nation, and our state, and our neighborhoods? I would like to have faith in you again, Senator, as someone who cares about the community. And oh yes, I would like to see an end to this war as soon as humanly possible. Please give us an answer soon, as we would like to know why you voted this way.

It has been 6 days since Senator Correa voted “no” and despite many calls, he has yet to explain his vote to his constituents.  If that sounds unacceptable, pick up your phone and demand that he explain his vote: (916) 651-4034

[Read all of Andrew’s letter here]