New Video: George Lakoff on Progressive Family Values

Conservatives have long invoked family values to promote wedge issues and win elections, but the implications of family values on our politics and society run far deeper than campaigns and elections. In the Rockridge Nation video that we are releasing today, George Lakoff examines the extraordinary influence of James Dobson on parenting in America. He also discusses progressive and conservative conceptions of family values, and why progressives must overcome the conservative dominance of this subject.

For far too long, organizations that advocate a conservative family model, most notably Focus on the Family, have grown in strength and influence. Few progressives have found effective ways to challenge them, or even recognized the need to provide a progressive account of family values. (Moms Rising is one recent move that looks promising.) We hope that this new video will help to spark discussion among progressives about what the family means to us and how we can become advocate for policies that serve our vision of family values.

For more information visit The Rockridge Institute.

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