Dinosaur Farts?

I’m back from a very successful trip to San Francisco with a smattering of musings:

1. Voters in San Francisco don’t care about the Mayor’s affair; the only question that no one seemed to have an answer about was whether it was a one time event on an on-going thing; I haven’t read the coverage at length. And there were predictions that the Mayor would announce from rehab that he had also been abused by a Catholic priest.  The Chron reports that the Mayor should win re-election easily.  I was amused by the coverage in the Flash Report about this, since Mayor Rudy Guiliani was in the state this weekend.  At least Newsome didn’t hire his mistress for a job she was unqualified for at taxpayer expense.

2.  Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, in this clip, muses on his days as a journalist and while he doesn’t come out and say he believes in global warming, he muses that it might be caused by dinosaur farts.  Wasn’t Dana an editorial writer, like Greenhut?  The best columnists base their work on solid reporting.  So I suspect that Dana was one of those writers who was always right even when he was wrong.  If you view the clip, Dana suggests that when he was a reporter and the majority of people believed in a certain set of facts, they were, ini his experience, usually wrong.  Too bad that razor sharp instinct wasn’t there when Dana voted to authorize war in Iraq. Rep. Rohrabacher gets my vote as the next politician to warrant a visit to rehab.

3.  OC Republicans are cheering the election of Jon Fleischman to CRP (is it pronounced “Crap?) chair for the Southern District of the State.  What does this all mean?  Per Adam Problesky in the comments section of the post on OCBlog.net announcing the news: 

The CA GOP is made up of 1600 members (legislators, GOP nominees, Members of Congress, County Chairmen and Chairmen of statewide GOP organizations like the CRA) AND their appointees.

The CA GOP does what any Republican Party does, raise money, register voters, run get-out-the-vote operations. They also have a communications operation. Since campaign finance laws changes putting limits on contributions to legislative candidates the CRP has become the place the legislative leaders put their big donor money.

Jon’s jon on the executive committee is an important one–overseeing everything the CA GOP does.

To that last bit in bold, I say Good.  Jon is an unyielding conservative without any prospects on political compromise to actually accomplish something.  So installing Jon means that voters will have a choice — to vote for candidates who are willing to work with the Governor to solve the problems of the state or those who support a politically point of view in the fringe minority.  Jon falls in the latter category.

4. And finally, thank you voters of the first district for electing Trung to the BoD; the narrow-pre-recount “victory” must be of concern to the Schroeder political machine.  They won the battle but it looks like they are losing the war.  We’re proud to track all of Trung’s follies in trying to halt illegal immigration and the impression he has left us with.  It’s a photoshopped impression, but what the hell.