Early night?

The results of tonight’s special election could really be clear by 8:00 tonight when the Registrar of Voters posts the first set of numbers on their website. There were so many absentee ballots that came in before today, and if Umberg has a lead at that time, it will only grow as the night rolls on.

Martin Wisckol from the Orange County Register wrote this in the Total Buzz Blog:

Remember Republican Lynn Daucher’s big lead among absentee ballots in her November state Senate race against Democrat Lou Correa? For a while, it looked so grim that Correa was thinking of skipping his Election Night party. As we know, he then rallied to a dramatic victory. So if Umberg is behind at 8:05 p.m., I think it could still get interesting as the night proceeds.

Regardless of how things look for Umberg, we’ll be at Proof Bar in Santa Ana around 10:00. Here’s the info: