The Final Tally on Tuesday

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  1. tom
    February 4, 2007 at 9:26 pm


    By using the same tactic as they did in Vietnam war, Hanoi Jane Fonda, John Kerry and other procommunist, anti-war protesters want the U.S. to repeat the shameful, horrible “cut and run” policy used in Vietnam, which, through secret agreement between U.S. secretary of state Henry Kissinger and his communist counterpart Le Duc Tho, sold out its ally South Vietnam to communist North Vietnam by cutting 90% U.S. military and financial aids to South Vietnam while North Vietnam getting more support up to $2 billions a year from Soviet Union and China, resulting the disastrous fallout of South Vietnam in 1975 and the terrible consequences of at least 200,000 South Vietnam military officers and government officials died in “reeducation” camps, 500,000 boat people died at sea on their way for freedom, and more than 100,000 Vietnamese girls working as prostitutes and sex slaves in Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan,…not mentioning to 2 millions Cambodians murdered by Khmer Rouge. That is why Ho Chi Minh, the founder of communist party in Vietnam and the notorious butcher, who is held responsible for the murder of at least 3 millions Vietnamese, once said that the U.S. would finally be defeated in Washington, not in Vietnam battlefield when the American public could no longer afford high human casualties inflicted by North Vietnam; and there is no coincidence that the Vietnam communist regime has many times praised Hanoi Jane Fonda, John Kerry and other procommunist, anti-war protesters as heroes and good friends to communist Vietnam. Now these coward, shameless procommunist, anti-war protesters, due to their deep hatred against the Bush administration and their own political motives, again want the U.S. to be defeated by Al- Qaeda terrorists in Iraq backed up by terrorist nations such as Iran and Syria, which want to control the strategic oil supply in Middle East and therefore to control the economies of the U.S. and Western nations, and to make Iraq become another Afghanistan, a terrorist operation and training base for another 9/11 attack on America. After all, helping Iraq to win the war against terrorism is helping America to secure its own interests and security.

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