Sunday, January 21 2007

Orange Juice

  • Art Pedroza says that Trung has “found his inner racist” when referring to Trung’s latest mailer. While I can’t find anything overtly racist in this piece, as Tan Nguyen taught us, there is a fine line between screaming “stop illegal immigration” and “I hate brown people.” [Link]
  • Luis writes about Janet Nguyen’s claim of entering the United States “the right way.” I had similar feelings when I heard Van Tran speak, and he told a crowd (of mostly West Garden Grove conservatives) that he “waited in line” to get here. Luis has a good point: the Vietnamese immigrant experience shouldn’t be compared to the Mexican immigrant’s experience. [Link]

    Mike’s Daily Lockup

  • Mike Randall blogs for more OC Blogs than television shows that have Ryan Seacrest as the host. And Randall is running for an open seat on the OC Democratic Committee. He’s a good guy and deserves consideration. [Link]

    Daily Kos

  • If we’re lucky, this will be the last time that it will extraordinary to see a woman and an African American as front-runners in the race for the White House. [Link]
  • Yesterday was a pretty deadly day in Iraq. 16 Iraqis, 13 American soldiers in the downed helicopter, an Army soldier in combat, and a Marine in combat. [Link]

    Squeeze OC Staff Blog

  • Thinking about popping the question? Perhaps the Squeeze OC “Marry Me” contest is for you. The deadline is Tuesday. [Link]

    Orange Punch

  • It must be horrible to be Steve Greenhut. That guy is so freaking paranoid, I’m not certain how he falls asleep at night. He goes down the list of proposals that have been made to the Legislature, and he tells us why all of them are limiting our rights, or turning us into a police state. [Link]

    The Flash Report

  • Fleishman writes about the connection between the likely move of the California Presidential Primary to the first Tuesday in February and the loosening of term limits. Before detouring on a Schwarzenegger rant, Fleishman promises to write more about this connection next week, and I look forward to that. [Link]

    Working Californians

  • Julia Rosen writes about the current state of health insurance in California—what she calls “An Industry of Denial”—she does a particularly good job of bringing in CA. Bloggers. [Link]


  • The Presidential race is already heating up in California. John Edwards will be visiting California soon. [Link]
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    1. January 21, 2007 at 2:21 am

      Unlike American Idol, I actually like Seattle!

      Thanks for the link and the help.

    2. ElroyEl
      January 21, 2007 at 11:29 am

      Does anyone besides me think Greenhut and
      Fleischman live in some parallel universe?

      Their commentaries have dissolved into parodies

    3. Dan Chmielewski
      January 21, 2007 at 11:45 am

      They do.

      I wish Jon would quit his bitching about the liberals on he Governor’s staff. He forgets that conservatives are a minority here in California. And all this crap about liberty and freedom is bull because the GOP won’t extend it to gays or immigrants. If so, then Jon would support gay marriage. Free markets? They want cheap labor from undocumented workers.

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