Two Items

First, I would like to add one item to the DPOC reorganization that Mr. Lawson described in an earlier post.

Frank Barbaro, Rima Nashashibi and Stephanie Campbell were re-relected to their positions to Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary respectively. The new Treasurer will be Steve Young. Congratulations to all.

Also, I noted that the blogs did not note the passing of Art Buchwald, Political Commentator/Humorist. I am dating myself, but I remember reading his columns on a regular basis and starting my days with a chuckle. Regretably, the Times pulled his column years ago so I do not get my daily dose of Buchwald’s delightful sense of humor and his way of not taking himself, politicians and particularly D.C. too seriously.

The discourse, regretably has changed and so much of the discussion has turned toxic. What I enjoyed reading in the Times obit was following his release from hospice (news of his eminent death a year ago were greatly exagerated) his home became a Salon in DC where politicans on both sides of the debate would visit.

Fortunately for us, many of his columns are available in the numerous books that he wrote chonicling his years in DC. I understand he completed another volume to be released later this year. I will probably pick up the new book and see what is on the shelf of his previous musings. RIP Art Buchwald. You definately made an impact on my life.