Sunday January 14, 2007

The Orange Juice

  • Who said that Republicans have all the drama? Claudio Gallegos writes about the drama behind the 69th AD caucus election that will take place today. Uniformed body guards, guys that wear skirts, carpetbagging. My caucus election will be boring in comparison. [Link]
  • Art Pedroza claims that there is little support for Bustamante, despite the endorsements that have been rolling in for the Republican candidate for the 1st District Supervisor’s seat. [Link]

    The OC Blog

  • Kermit drops out. I heard it on the OC Blog first that Kermit Marsh was dropping out of the race for OC Supervisor and officially endorsing Carlos “Bubba Gump” Bustamante. Read the press release. [Link]
  • Janet Nguyen sends out what Matt Cunningham is calling the “first semi-negative mailer” in the first District Supervisor’s race. [Link]
  • Mark Leyes endorses Carlos Bustamante. Here’s the link, but I warn you, Leyes takes over 700 words to tell you what the first sentence of this paragraph said. [Link]


  • The stories of progressive bloggers winning the seats on the state central committee are trickling in. Calitics blogger David Dayen (known to most as “dday” from Santa Monica) won in a vote yesterday, and he’s even got a video of his speech. [Link]

    Left in SF

  • Congressman Dennis Kucinich wants you to help end the war in Iraq. [Link]

    The Blotter @ OC Weekly

  • Gustavo Arellano writes about San Clemente City Councilman Wayne Eggleston’s “I wouldn’t want to stop in Stanton much less patrol it” quotation that appeared in the Los Angeles Times that Eggleston originally denied. It looks like Eggleston is now owning up to it. [Link]