You Call That a Speech?

The president looks like a tired and beaten man who is out of ideas. His speech to the nation tonight was a fourth grader caught in a lie who had to unwillingly apologize to the class.  He looked like he couldn’t wait to get through it.  Even his big cheerleaders at Fox News had all they could to pump some life into it.

I scanned the blogsphere to see if I was off base.  And just about everyone saw it the way I did.  The lefty blogs thought it was terrible while the righties seem to be making excuses for Mr. Bush as they have been all along. 

The only person in suspended reality is OC’s own Hugh Hewitt.  He couldn’t have seen the same speech I did, did he? 

Some people can make excuses for anything.  And Hugh is one of them.   

Here is what he posted on TownHall:

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Posted by Hugh Hewitt  | 9:24 PM
President Bush was at his best tonight: serious, detailed, and above all, resolute.  He spoke to many audiences.

To the public weary and grieved by the death of many of the finest Americans, the president spoke of the crucial issue: “For the safety of our people, America must succeed in Iraq.”

It isn’t, he explained repeatedly, just about giving Iraqis hope, but maintaining American security for all of the reasons he detailed.

Iraqis who desire peace heard the commitment, but they also heard its contingent nature: The Iraqi government has run out of time to dodge the tough choices. 

Our enemies did not hear what they had hoped to, a declaration of surrender, whether phrased as a “timetable” or a simple “We quit.”  They know that as long as Bush as in office, they will not win in Iraq.

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  1. the serrach says..
    January 11, 2007 at 1:26 pm

    mr hewitt seems to be a proud member of the willfully ignorant brigade. i hope it’s as blissful as they say.

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