The Centrist Governor

While I didn’t vote for Governor Schwartzenegger, I have to say the guy tilts more to the left with each passing day.  There’s a great deal for all Californians to like in the Governor’s second inaugral address.  Especially the part about actually using compromise to get things done.

Over on the conservative side of the aisle, it is increasingly clear that these guys don’t get it. Conservative right wing Republicans are in the minority in the state and, increasingly, their ideas on bipartisianship are all about making Democrats conform to their point of view.

Case in point – The Flash Reports Jon Fleischman actually had to think about whether or not the governor’s speech offended him (and Flesichman concluded it did).  State Ass. Chuck DeVore chimed in with a screed that any sort of compromise conservatives make with liberals is an eroison of conservative goals. But apparently, erosion of liberal goals (like dragging IUSD off the basement in education funding from the state) is perfectly OK.

Fleischman sounds like a wife who knows her husband is cheating on her but won’t kick him out “because I still love him and he’ll come to his senses.”

Quotes from the LA Times coverage pulled no punches; the governor mentioned democrats more than he did republicans.  The Governor expressed serious concerns with the direction of the national Republican Party. (don’t we all?)

But for conservatives, the speech was a bitter pill and a rejection of conservative  backed causes and values.  And it goes well with Humble Pie.


Careful what you ask for….

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  1. January 9, 2007 at 8:47 pm

    Pete Fundy does not believe that Arnold “tilts more to the left with each passing day.” Clearly, the man plunges to the left each night he climbs into the sack with his old lady. If you catch my drift.

    Yes, like many other Republicans, Pete Fundy now regrets his decision to vote for Arnold. But, let’s face it. If given the choice between Arnold and someone as dull and pasty as Tom McClintock, the vast majority of us would make the Austrian mistake all over again.

    Warmly yours,
    Pete Fundy
    Senior Editorial Writer

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