Sacrifice!? How Much More George?

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I’m wondering if things can really get any worse for the men and women who volunteered to serve our county in the United States Armed Forces.  First our President ignores his generals when they told him that more than the troop levels his administration proposed would be needed to secure Iraq after his invasion.  Now this idiot ignores the unanimous recommendation of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, that a “temporary” surge in troop levels would be ineffective in securing the stability of that country.

As usual, Keith Olbermann calls it like it is with his commentary from Tuesday night.  I only wish the President would listen and hear.  I wish there was a way to stop this madman from sacrificing one more American life to stroke his ego.

Sadly, it appears that all hope is lost and hundreds, perhaps thousands more American lives will be needlessly sacrificed in the name of “fighting a war on terror, over there, so we don’t have to fight it here.”

Sorry Mr. President, you have failed.  You have brought the war to our doorstep and succeeded where the terrorists failed.  You have managed to terrorize the families of the more than three thousand service members who have died, the families of the thousands more wounded, and the three hundred million Americans who must watch you fumble the ball of opportunity that would end the needless sacrifices we have faced.

As Olbermann says in his sign off…

“Good Night, and Good Luck.”