The Return of B-1 Bob?

I was driving up to LA this morning and listening to Al Franken’s AirAmerica program on KTLK.  First off, the rumors that Franken’s last show on AirAmerica is December 8 is only partially true; he’s off to Kuwait, Afghanistan and Iraq for USO shows for our troops (what, no Coulter, no Hannity?). Plus, if Franken does challenge Norm Coleman for Senate in 2008, I think he has to offer Coleman equal time unless that provision was also done away with in the Fairness Doctrine.

They were chatting about 2008 GOP candidates for President. And then, his producer dropped an OC-size bombshell.  From a B-1 to be specific.  AirAmerica reported that Bob Dornan is in the process of forming an exploratory committee to consider running for president. 

For my conservative friends who don’t like John McCain as not conservative enough; think Rudy Guiliani’s martial infidelities are a problem with the Christian Right, and Mitt Romney’s Mormom faith will be a liability in the South, this has to be good news.  I mean, who’s more ot the right than Bob Dornan, other than Atilla the Hun?

Now for our paid media peeps who read this site; get cracking and confirm this baby. 

P.S.  support the USO; they support our troops.