Open the floodgates

There’s a long list of OC Politicos that are salivating over the soon-to-be available Board of Supervisors seat that will be opening up as soon as Lou Correa makes the move to Sac-town.

I didn’t really expect people to come out and announce their candidacy just yet since the election results haven’t been finalized, and since they are technically still counting ballots in what has become one of the closest races that I’ve been a voter in to date.

But today Garden Grove Unified School Board Member, and Van Tran apprentice, Trung Nguyen announced his candidacy. From his press release (grammatical errors are his, not mine):

Trustee Trung Nguyen has announced his candidacy for a spot on the Orange County Board of Supervisors, 1st District. This seat is soon to be vacated by Supervisor Lou Correa when he takes his office in the State Senate, 34th District, after a tight race with Assemblymember Lynn Daucher.

Trustee Trung Nguyen is an attorney and an engineer by professions. Prior to being elected to the school board, he was active in various educational and cultural projects in the community.

You can read the entire press release at The OC Blog.

  2 comments for “Open the floodgates

  1. Publius the original
    November 21, 2006 at 7:18 pm

    It’s looking like the special election for Sup1 will be at the beginning of February.
    It’s a winner take all single round election (no runoff). So, depending on the number of candidates, one could win with 15 or 20% of the vote.
    Potential candidates so far include:
    Tom Umberg (rumored to be deciding over the holiday weekend)
    Claudia Alvarez (rumored, SA Councilwoman)
    Mark Rosen (announced, GG Councilman)
    Janet Nguyen (announced, GG Councilman)
    Trung Nguyen (announced, GGUSD Trus)
    Brett Franklin (ran in 2004, former SA Councilman)
    Carlos Bustamante (rumored, SA Councilman)
    Any others?
    Joe Dunn would be a good candidate, I think. But I don’t know that he’d consider it. Miguel Pulido? Curt Pringle? Tom Daly?

  2. Frank N. Stein
    November 23, 2006 at 12:51 am

    I do think Joe Dunn would be a good candidate, as he would probably win, but honestly, I think the BOS is a step down for him. I would prefer it if Tom Umberg sat this one out, he has just a little bit too much baggage. I think Mark Rosen is a good choice, but maybe the best thing for Santa Ana would be for Miguel to be on the BOS instead of being mayor…any other thoughts?

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