Have a Fun Party Tonight IRC

The Irvine Republican Council is holding their volunteer appreciation party tonight at the Irvine Ranch Water District offices off Sand Canyon.

Should be a pretty sedate affair with only a few victories to celebrate.

So what are they going to blame their City Election losses on?


1.  No Earl Zucht, it’s Agran’s fault.

2.  HomeTown Voter Guide; Agran’s fault.

3.  We were on the wrong side of big issues in Irvine and with Prop 90; let’s blame Agran.

Have a helluva time Republicans.  I’d go, but tonight is my Agranista Witch Hunt Society Meeting and we’re making voodoo dolls of Shea and Choi.  LOLOLOLOL

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  1. demmother
    November 16, 2006 at 5:42 pm

    I love Larry Agran, he is Orange County’s Willie Brown.

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