Supporting the Troops

Not to long ago, I got into it on with State Ass. Chuck DeVore who made a big fuss over Senator John Kerry’s botched joke about the intelligence of the president.  Kerry left out a word and it sounded like he was calling our troops dumb which proves politicians should leave comedy to the professionals.

Chuck got his panties in a bunch over this.  Kerry *botched* a joke; it’s not like he said he wanted to “put food on your family or that OB/GYNs couldn’t practice their love with women, or that he read about it on the Internets or that he used the Google.” (Go to the Bush-isms web site for more).

What Chuck should get his panties in a bunch over is this. I read this story and my blood boiled.  We pay mercenaries three times what our soliders make.  They fight for our freedoms and come home to this sort of treatment after they have shed blood for this nation.  It’s shameful how the current administration treats these men and women.

Chuck, you’re an elected offiial who still wears the uniform from time to time on days other than Halloween.  How about calling Washington about this sort of treatment while your party is still able to do something about it?  Or is this another mess the Democrats will have to clean up?