Art Pedroza, Stop Drinking the Kool-Aid!

Art Pedroza, lead blogger over at Orange Juice Blog, has missed the last two Drinking Liberally events, which he faithfully attended since its beginning.  Over this short period of time I’ve watched Art slowly succumb to the effects of the GOP Central Committee Kool-Aid.

Now there’s no doubt that I am clearly a partisan Democrat and that Art is a partisan Republican.  We have had great discussions over political ideology and strategy.  I think that our conversations provided both of us with a little balance of perspective allowing for some rational thought to creep into both our minds.

After reading one of Art’s posts over on the Red County/OCBlog regarding the vote count in the Daucher/Correa contest I have reached the conclusion that Art has stopped drinking his Orange Juice and switched to Kool-Aid.

Here’s what I mean…

Daucher wins and the GOP establishes a beachhead in central OC. In two years, she will lead the charge in Anaheim, Santa Ana and Garden Grove. By then she will have presumably helped to develop a GOP infrastructure in these areas – the biggest problem of course is Santa Ana. I look forward to working with Daucher to reclaim my city.

and my response…

Beachhead Art?

This is central Orange County, not Normandy. The party of majority registration has held the three legislative districts with majority Democratic registration since 1998. You do not need to take a page from the Imperial President and invade Central Orange County to restore Democracy.

This does seem to be more of a clandestine OCGOP attempt to manipulate elections when the Republican controlled Registrar of Voters manipulates the number of polling places in Democratic Districts to make sure that not all Democrats can vote.

So Art, I beseech you, please come back and join us on Thursday for Drinking Liberally.  I’m sure we can find some common ground and let diplomacy stop an invasion. 

At a minimum, now that the election is over we can both switch to something less hallucinogenic than Kool-Aid.