By the way, there’s an election on Tuesday

While on a national level I am excited about the prospect of Democratic Party majorities in the House and possibly the Senate, I find myself rather unenthused about this year’s election, at least in California. 

In the Governor’s race, I am disappointed that our nominee has not been able to effectively capitalize on the failings of Arnold and his multiple broken promises.  I still cannot figure out which bone-head in my party thought it was better to compare Arnold to King George instead of promoting the benefits of a change to a democratic state administration.  Even after an expensive contested primary election and five month of a campaign, the Angelides campaign still hasn’t effectively introduced Phil and what he stands for to the voters.  We have allowed Arnold to define Phil in the most negative light, and failed to correct that negative perception.

This has a dramatic effect on the down ticket races for Constitutional offices in addition to the suppression of Democratic turnout in general.  In Orange County the importance of turnout is critical in the 34th Senate seat.  This is a close race that will be decided by turnout.  In addition to the failure of the top of our ticket to motivate our base to get out and vote there is the interference by interests outside of Orange County (on the Democratic side) in the 34th Senate contest.  Senate President Pro-Tempore Don Perata and his controlled independent expenditure groups bought the primary win for Lou Correa, and then waited to the last minute to do anything to support their candidate while the Republicans dumped a fortune propping up Lynn Daucher from day one after she won the primary. 

The latest bonehead maneuver on the part of Perata and his girlfriend, campaign consultant Sandy Polka, was to fund through their IE Californian’s United a write-in campaign for a conservative Latino candidate, Otto Bade.  I cannot phantom what these idiots are thinking by trying to peal off votes, mostly from Correa’s Latino base of support.  Both candidates are real close in position on the most controversial issues.  Giving Latinos another Latino to vote for other than Lou is simply stupid.

So on election night, I’ll be joining the Democratic Party of Orange County at the IBEW union headquarters, celebrating a Jose Solorio victory in the 69th Assembly race and then on over to Proof and Liberally Drink to whatever other successes the Democrats may eek out in California and nationally.

Folks, I know this election may present us with some disappointing choices, but it is still important that you get out and vote.  Your vote does matter, and may just make the necessary difference to elect our candidates in some of the down-ticket races.

Hope is not a strategy!

As Eleanor Roosevelt said…

“Democracy is not about words, but action.”


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  1. November 5, 2006 at 7:25 pm

    Though I agree with you, Chris, on much of this analysis, I wouldn’t call our choices “disappointing” this election season. For one, we in the 34th Senate District have the chance to elect a real community leader who’s lived in Central OC his whole life, and someone who has been proven to be an effective advocate for our diverse working-class communities in Central OC. Of course, this individual is DEMOCRAT LOU CORREA!

    And yes, I am also disappointed with the Sacramento Dems for resorting to dirty tactics to try to swing this election. Personally, I think it undermines the direct efforts of Lou’s campaign to reach out to the voters in the 34th in a POSITIVE way. I’ve walked neighborhoods with local students and community activists, and it’s amazing to see their dedication to Santa Ana, as well as their dedication to Lou. We know that Lou’s a real community leader who’s worked hard to bring needed funds home to improve our neighborhoods.

    The voters here know this as well. Perhaps this is why neighborhoods throughout Santa Ana are filled with Lou Correa signs? Perhaps this is why I still have not seen ONE Lynn Daucher sign in front of any house around here? The voters here aren’t stupid: They know the difference between someone who’s been committed to Central OC for 42 YEARS (Correa) and someone who only moved here 42 WEEKS AGO in order to hold onto power (Daucher).

    So I’ll be honest: I’m not too excited about some of the things going on in California. I’m disappointed with Phil. I’m frustrated with the Dems in Sac-town. I’m sick of certain special interests trying to corrupt our party as they’ve already corrupted the GOP.

    However, I’m very excited that we in the 34th Senate District can elect Lou Correa, a REAL LEADER who will fight for our working-class communities.

  2. November 5, 2006 at 8:06 pm

    Oops! In the first paragraph, I meant to say that “I wouldn’t call ALL our choices disappointing.”

    Oh, and I spent so much time talking about SD 34, that I forgot about some other exciting things on our ballot:

    Prop 87, which would allow California to get its fair share of record oil company profits… And use this money to fund alternative energy, helping to reduce our dependence on not just foreign oil… BUT OIL PERIOD! I strongly encourage a YES vote on 87!

    Debra Bowen, our terrific candidate for Secretary of State… She’s committed to making sure that ALL OUR VOTES COUNT! She wants to make sure that the electronic voting machines that we use have safeguards, such as open-source software and paper trails, to ensure that all of our votes are recorded accurately and counted fairly. Also, Debra Bowen has shown a steadfast commitment to open government, consumer privacy rights, and effective campaign finance reform. I’m more than excited about the real chance we have to elect A REAL LEADER in election protection and open government to be our next SoS.

    John Garamendi, our amazing candidate for Lieutenant Governor… As someone who makes appointments that affect many important issues, such as our public universities, potentially life-saving stem cell research, and protecting our environment… We can’t afford to allow a radical right-winger to cause havoc in these and other areas. I’m confident that Garamendi will help California continue making progress in protecting our natural resources, leading the way in important life-saving medical research, and making sure our world-class university system is open to all deserving students.

    I have many more candidates and issues on my mind, and I’ll come back to talk some more about this.

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