Vietnamese Federation of Labor in Overseas Dinner

VFL-IOS LogoLast night I had the opportunity to attend the VFL-IOS first annual general assembly dinner in Westminster.

Much of the evening was in Vietnamese, so I didn’t get too much out of the speakers and presenters. In fact, up until dinner, the highlight of the evening was a tall, lanky guy with an Amish-like beard trying to close the ceiling vent above him with a beer bottle.

Jim Brandt, Mike Glover, Paul Lucas and a few other local candidates spoke about the importance of protecting Vietnamese workers, and their support for the VFL-IOS.

I also had a nice chat with a Westminster School Board Candidate Mary Mangold about the Our Children, Our Vote Coalition, and the misinformation that they’ve been putting out. Mary has promised to email some more information to me, so look out for a post soon.