OC Blog Censors My Response to DeVore

Assemblyman Chuck DeVore posted this lovely missive on the Red County/OCBlog this morning.

Tan, we hardly knew ye…

The letters it looks like you authorized to voters were likely illegal and
definitely immoral.

In addition, what a breathtakingly stupid move it was to send 14,000 letters using a bulk rate permit! But, I suppose we should have expected such from an opportunistic party switcher who ran just two years ago as a Democrat against Cong. Rohrabacher and is serving as his own consultant for a congressional race.

Yesterday I posed a few questions, the first two were:

How many letters were sent and to whom?
Who benefits from this?

As for #1, Now we know: 14,000! 14,000 is about 13,500 letters more than I thought there would have been were this a trick rather than a ham-handed amateur move. 14,000 takes real organization and money. 14,000 is basically a district mailer for the 47th Congressional District –it’s not a small-scale stunt.

With #2 the answer remains the same: Democrats benefit. Mr. Nguyen was a Democrat less than a year ago, but I seriously doubt he intended to help his old party with this – no one spends almost half a million of his own money on a Quixotic quest with the intention to do something that may result in jail time and serious fines.

Lastly, my post yesterday was motivated as a protest against what I saw as a rush to blame the Republican Party of Orange County and others whom I thought would not do such a harmful thing. I simply couldn’t believe any serious Republican in 2006 in Orange County would so foolish, reckless, and wrong.

Well, it looks as though I was wrong; a Republican did do such a foolish, reckless, and wrong thing, albeit someone who was a Republican for less than a year, but a Republican nevertheless.

Mr. Tan Nguyen, politics is a serious matter in this representative democracy of ours, as politics leads to leadership. You should stand down and apologize.

Chuck DeVore
State Assemblyman, 70th District

I responded to his post, and while I didn’t keep a copy, I said that it didn’t take too long for racist Chuck Devore to blame Tan Nguyen’s actions on the fact that he was once a Democrat.

I said I felt his statement was immoral and that his lack of integrity made him the perfect poster child for the Republican Party of Orange County.


Apparently that was too much for the censors over at RED COUNTY.

My post has been deleted.

Chuck’s Response to me is still on the OCBlog last time I checked. For the record, here it is.

Chris, a piece of advice: a baseless ad hominem does not strengthen a weak
attack. Try again, this time using logic.

All the best,
Chuck DeVore
State Assemblyman, 70th District

They’re circling the wagons and attempting to silence any dissenting point of view.

What a Grand Old Party.


Jubal responded and I think it deserves front page coverage.

Jubal 12:36 PM
Yes, I deleted your comment, Chris, because you violated the well-known rules of the Red County/OC Blog comments section. They’re not hard to follow.
# Jubal 12:39 PM
You called Chuck DeVore a “racist” and said he was SICK SICK etc.That’s against the rules.

Over at RedCounty they can dish it out but they cannot take it.
If anyone can find those well-known rules posted anywhere I would love to see them.

  9 comments for “OC Blog Censors My Response to DeVore

  1. October 19, 2006 at 12:36 pm

    Yes, I deleted your comment, Chris, because you violated the well-known rules of the Red County/OC Blog comments section. They’re not hard to follow.

  2. Jubal
    October 19, 2006 at 12:39 pm

    You called Chuck DeVore a “racist” and said he was SICK SICK etc.

    That’s against the rules.

  3. October 19, 2006 at 1:01 pm

    Matt —
    By all standards, Chuck owes Democrats an apology here. Justifying this action because Tan was once a Democrat is like saying “well my son is a flake, but he’s adopted.”

    Chris has every right to be PO’d at Chuck for his suggestion that Democrats did this.

    I’m not calling anyone any names here, but c’mon, if this had been something a Denmocrat did, you guys would be all over this and BTW, perhaps you can delete the post on the string that attacks Rebecca/aka Commie Girl to be consistent.

    It’s like when Bill Maher asked Dana R if Clinton sat in the school reading MY Pet Goat for 7 minutes before moving, would he criticize Clinton for his actions on 9/11 and Dana was actually speechless because he knew Maher was right.

    Wonder how much Tan will get for the House in Sac? Any private sector jobs out there for this guy?

  4. Anonymous
    October 19, 2006 at 1:03 pm

    Chuck DeVore may or may not be a racist. He may or may not be sick.

    And, despite his “apology” where he still manages to almost blame democrats because Tan is a convert, Chuck DeVore has really stepped on it.

    Strange that the “RED COUNTY” folks need rules to govern their “free speech.”

    Chuck should stop using his position in the Assembly to avoid active duty service in a time of War. It is obvious from his Op-Ed in the Register yesterday that he should immediately be deployed to South Korea. He might know something about foreign relations from a military perspective, but he doesn’t seem to know anything about state politics.

    I support Michael Glover for Assembly!

  5. October 19, 2006 at 2:36 pm


    My blog is dotted with Chris’s comments. He’s free to disagree with Chuck and call on him to apologize — as have several other commenters whose comments remain on Red County/OC Blog.

    This has nothing to do with whether Chuck owes an apology. Chris knows the rules of the Red County/OC Blog comments section. If he breaks them, the offending comment gets deleted. It’s entirely up to him. If Chris is unable to express himself on the matter without calling Chuck a racist, saying he has no integrity and labeling him SICK SICK SICK, that’s Chris’s fault.

    As for the Commie Girl comment, I haven’t seen it but will check it out.

  6. October 19, 2006 at 6:08 pm


    I find your application of rules rather subjective. Posters on OC Blog have called me commissar and a communist to mention a couple of the recent ones. That is at least as offensive as calling Assemblyman DeVore a racist, and calling his attempt to blame Tan Nguyen’s actions on his previous registration as a Democrat.

    Sick or disgusting, that is what Chucks comment amounted to. I believe his attitude is that of a racist, and his actions as an Assemblyman have proven it. I believe that Shawn Steel is a racist based upon his attack on Bill Dalati attacking him as a “Syrian” businessman and criticizing his Islamic beliefs.

    Last I checked Matt, Bill Dalati is an American Citizen. To characterize him any other way is racist. When you, Chuck DeVore, and the OCGOP leadership defend the racist acts of Shawn Steel you become a racist by association. The Republican Party of Orange County, by not disavowing the extremist actions of Shawn Steel, just helps ad fuel to the racist fires burning in the hearts of your members like Tan Nguyen.

    Yours is the party that attacks its own members based upon their race (Dalati).

    Yours is the party that posts poll guards to suppress voting.

    Yours is the party the does not distance itself from the extremist groups like the Minutemen.

    When you defend those actions you get lumped into the same batch.

  7. October 19, 2006 at 6:57 pm

    Chris, I’m SOOOO SORRY about what happened to you…

    OMG, just when I thought thatthe discussion was starting to get civil on OC Blog, Jubal does THIS to you?

    I’ve seen these “OC Freepers” call you “Communist”, and Jubal didn’t seem to have any problem with that…
    But when you try to bring up the nasty racist history of the OC GOP and is leadership (including Devore), Jubal basically throws you off his site??!!

    Well, so much for my “new respect” for those OC Bloggers!

  8. October 19, 2006 at 7:44 pm

    Oh, btw Chris, would you like me to put in a good word for you on Daily Kos?


  9. October 19, 2006 at 9:18 pm

    Matt —
    It’s your blog and your rules; I wish you would apply them evenly with some of the right wing whack jobs who post hateful snits as well. (and no, I’m not going to waste time hauling up examples that you will disagree with).

    I don’t believe Chuck’s comments were racist but very partisan to the point of being “Clintonian” (his term, not mine).

    You posted a comment not long ago when I believe Chris compared Patrick Henry to the Terorrists in Iraq and were pretty pissed off in your reply. No one removed your comment. I have had some of my posts on your blog disappear into the ether as well without claling anyone names.

    The fact is the Tan situation is a Republican scandal. And it is embarassing. It tarnishes the party. And for us on the left, it looks like another case of business as usual. I think you side is great at winning elections but lousy at governing.

    But I have to say I actually respect Mr. Baugh’s calls for Tan to step down. But the attempts to explain away Tan as a former Democrat by Chuck are nothing sort of reprehensible and its embarassing to someone whom I regard with respect (our kids go to the same school and he’s a neighbor).

    I know you and Chris are engaged in a good pissing match these days. But honestly, let the bad comments (in your opinion) stand because I think it would simply expose to your readers how others think.

    God knows we’ve had a chuckle or two over your posts here.


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