Thursday’s Press Conference and other flotsam

I thought I would give a brief recap of the Press Conference condeming the ilk of Steel, Lewis, etal.

My morning began when Mike LEVIN called me to his office because there was an NPR interview on Dalati with the host (whose name escapes me), Greenhut (Register) and Arellano (OC Weekly). Mike calls our Vice Chair, Rima Nashashibi and gives her the number to call in. Unfortunately, by the time Mike got off the phone with Rima, the conversation moved on to other election topics, but just before the program ended – Rima got on the air. She did a great job considering the amount of time she had.

I then went to the press conference at Anaheim City Hall. I arrived just as Bill Dalati was speaking. When finished, so was the press conference. I was armed with our DPOC press release and proceeded to distribute like the good little soldier I am.

The group around Dalati was small but pretty prominent – since I can’t spell the names and/or recall everyone, Leaders from CAIR LULAC and OCAPICA were in the frame. I was disappointed not to see Pringle, but Richard Chavez and Lorri Galloway were there. Amin David of Los Amigos, Ada Briseno of HERE 681 and John Kosinski of SEIU was also present. I will add that fellow Liberal OC Blogger Chris Prevatt was in attendance representing our happy blogging family.

What was very interesting was the number of Press at the conference. I noted ABC and NBC (did anyone see this on the news?), Radio KPFK was there as well as Spanish and API TV. The Register was there. I was shocked to see the LA Times there. I didn’t think they covered Orange County anymore.

Kudos to Los Amigos, CAIR and OCAPICA for getting this together on such short notice.
To Bill Dalati – you are welcome in the Real Big Tent at the DPOC! Any friend of RIma is a friend of mine! PS: Your campaign truck rocks!