The Republican Cabal of the North

Inasmuch as we spend alot of time on Santa Ana and south county races and I am sure Irvine will heat up as well as the election draws nearer; I thought I would shed a little light on some of the goings on up North.

For anyone that does not know, Fullerton has been a bastan of Nasty Republican Politics for as long as I can remember. The current cabal: Ed Royce, Dick Ackerman, Chris Norby and others seem to consider this city their personal feifdom.

It is not easy being a Democrat in Fullerton and if a Democrat dares to run for city council, school board etc. , Beware!!! I lived in Fullerton for about 15 years so I have definately seen some of the action there.

A favorite pastime of this council is to pass over the Democrat when it is their turn to be Mayor. Other pastimes have included denegrating Molly McClanahan in 1994 and bashing Jan Flory in a particularly vicious way in 2000. I recall the crew (including perennial councilmember Don Bankhead) sent out a hit piece indicating that Jan supported Drug Dealers or pedophiles living near schools. (Of course we now know how well a Republican will protect your child from a predator). It was pretty despicable.

Many of us were plesantly suprised when Sharon Quirk got elected in 2004. A member of hte community and concensus builder, Sharon has been bravely serving on the Fullerton City Council and doing everything she can to better her community. What is interesting is that two more Democrats are vying for seats on the council, Pam Keller and Kitty Jaramillo. Both are more than qualified and they would be a breath of fresh air on the council. Needless to say, the machinery will be coming out and we have no idea what hatchet jobs will be done.

In my town of La Habra, I have word that Norby has a personal vendetta with the La Habra City Council for endorsing Rose Espinoza over power hungry Norby. Never mind council courtesy, it can be frustrating at times, but it is what it is, hence how refreshing it was to see the La Habra City Council line up behind Rosie. The Reeps endorsed thier own candidate against two New Direction type Republican incumbants on the council and it is going to be ugly. The La Habra police put out a nasty hit on Simonian (not that I would ever endorse him) and I can’t help but wonder who else is behind that piece. Word has it that the Rep endorsed candidate is being backed by La Habra PD. tsk tsk.

For the record, I am supporting Rob Nichols in his bid for city council (Supporting Republicans only encourages them), but I am a bit cranky that the OCGOP and Norby want to destroy what may be one of the only city councils that serves the residents and not their particular idiotology.

If any of our gentle readers would like to duke it out in North OC, here are some contacts:

Pam Keller, Fullerton City Council
Kitty Jaramillo, Fullerton City Council
Ron Nichols, La Habra City Council contact

Florice Hoffman, 40th Congressional
Loretta Sanchez, 47th Congresional
Lou Correa, 34th Senate
Van Tamom, 60th Assembly
John MacMurray, 72nd Assembly

Up and at em!

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  2. October 28, 2006 at 9:44 pm

    Thanks for the support of the Kitty Jaramillo campaign. I will pass this on to Kitty.

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