Hugh Hewitt blames the pages

I was driving back from a client meeting in San Diego today and wound up catching OC’s own Hugh Hewitt’s radio program from KCBQ in San Diego. His guest was Ken Melhman, GOP chairman. They were in lock step that there was no GOP conspiracy to cover up Foley-gate (or Foley-Erect) and that it was the result of some Democratic dirty trick.

Hugh went into great lenghts about Rep. Gerry Studds and Rep Barney Frank, ignoring tons of other Republican sex scandals. He lamented Foley gate as “a sex scandal with no sex.”

My blood pressure soared when Hewitt said the Pages “punked” Foley and he elluded to the notion that the Pages were having fun at the Congressman’s expense.

So Hewitt blames the kids. How do you sleep at night Hugh? Denial is more than a River in Egypt.

an UPDATE: Some noted right wing bloggers have outed the identity of one of Foley’s underage targets. Do these Republicans have any shame? Have they no sense of decency?