Rubber Chicken Circut (Part I)

The DPOC’s Harry S Truman Award Dinner was a success. 300 + in attendence. I was worried we might violate the fire codes, but things worked out well. From my perspective at Registration, some of my comments might be limited, but the reviews I got from attendees was positive.

Honorees were Nick Berardino of Orange County Employees Association, Rima Nashashibi, DPOC Vice Chair and Marti Schrank. We also did a special tribute to Marti’s husband Richard, who is suffering from ALS. Richard was the strong man behind the strong woman.

Presenters were Lou Correa, Joe Dunn, Tom Umberg and Ray Cordova. Richard Chavez welcomed us to Anaheim. The keynote was by Bill Lockyer. Chairman Frank Barbaro did his usual great job as Master of Ceremonies – and it is a tough gig because these dinners can really bog down. For the critics, Congresswoman Sanchez WAS invited and DID participate. Unfortunately, the House remained in session to finish business before Oct. 1 and she was stuck in D.C. I should also put in a plug for Karen Gallinger, the sultry jazz chantuse of Orange County who does a great Star Spangled Banner.

In the past, we would just hang our banner and go through the “speechifying”. This year, Chris Prevatt came to our rescue and did a tremendous job making everything happen. He put together a great power point presentation for our guests. The presentation was a big hit. I had a moment of panic when he called me at 3pm to say he had a crash. That Chris was still able to put it together is a huge kudo. Rima and I made sure he got enough to drink at the after party. He was as tense, if not tenser than I was.

Imam Saddiqi gave the invocation (Happy Ramadan!) and Reverend Gary Chomiak gave the benediction. Other candidates and officials (I hope I can name everyone) included John Chiang, Mirna Burciaga, Jill Hardy, Mark Rosen, Jim Brandt, Florice Hoffman, Paul Lucas, Jerry Kong (just elected to Buena Park School District) Van Tamom, Ray Roberts, Jose Solorio, Michael Glover, John McMurray, Michelle Martinez, Tish Leon, David Benavides, Jennifer Villasenor, Sharon Quirk, Jordan Brandman, Kevin Carr, Norm Eckenrode, Alfredo Amezcua, Brian Conley, TIllman Williams, Sheila Hanson, Jim Moreno and the Great Park Team Beth Krom, Sukhee Kang and Mary Ann Gaido. Such a list. I am sure I missed someone.

Ryan Gene, did you sneak in?

The OCYD’s were there in force as well as family and friends. It was great to see Bill LaPointe of the Orange County Blade. I regret I was not able to speak with him at any great length. I think I need to spend a little time with Michael Glover, he has a pretty quirky sense of humor that only a few of us can appreciate. Michael – join us one of these Thursday nights at Memphis. I think you would enjoy.

I especially liked one of Lockyer’s comments about der gropenfuhrer (we coined this before Trudeau I think). Arnold 1.0 seemed moderate. Arnold 2.0 became a rabid neocon. Arnold 3.0 appears to be a liberal. Lockyer is concerned about the 4.0 version.

At about 10:30, we journeyed to the Lost Boys Bar for a nightcap. Chris and I needed some serious relief and I attempted to ruffle Mike Levin’s hair. You can’t muss it up. Over all, a good time was had by all.

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  1. susan freeze
    October 5, 2006 at 10:53 am

    Silly me –

    I forgot to mention Tom Daly and John Hanna at the reception. It is always good to see them.

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