A Letter from Stan Tkaczyk

For any of us who has a spouse that is professionally successful, and especially for those of us who provided support for that spouse every step of the way, it is an especially tough day for Stan Tkaczyk, Barbara Venezia’s husband.

I’m pleased to share with readers of our blog his letter about his wife’s decision to withdraw from the NPB city council race.

After reading it, my first thought was what a shame it is that the voters of NPB can’t decide this race.

From the moment I saw my wife at the Bid for Bachelors, with her fiery red hair and tattoos peeking over her shoulder, I knew this woman was something special. 18 years later she is still my passion and I discover new things about her ever day.

For those who have had the privilege of ever working with her on a committee or project, she gives 100%. She lights up a room with her mere presence and when she smiles, her kindness and sincerity warms everyone’s heart. Her sense of right and wrong is fierce.

I have watched her touch people’s lives in many different amazing ways, from the lady who came to the cooking show to thank her for bringing laughter back into her life after her son had died of aids a year before and thought she would never laugh again… to the time I watched a gal who thanked her for creating an event for the Orange County Burn Association and when she went to shake her hand and realized she didn’t have any hands, I watched Barbara grab hold of her and hug her with all she had. I’ve seen her command an audience and make them laugh, and gather a neighborhood and make them care.

She is a special human being and that is why I love her.

My wife inspires people to be better people and that is what she did today. It’s not about winning, it’s about how we treat each other and that is her message.

I am proud to be Barbara’s husband. I know she will continue to do good work and walk with dignity. I hope this campaign has not been in vain.

Stan Tkaczyk