Mike Shelton’s Disgraceful Cartoon

I have been stewing over Mike Shelton’s editorial cartoon in today’s (9/28/2006) Orange County Register. It portrays the leaked National Intelligence Estimate from 16 American Intelligence agencies that says Iraq is making more terrorists, not fewer, as a hand grenade being thrown by a donkey (Democrat) dressed as an Islamic terrorist.

I am all for free speech. Mike can draw and write what he wants.

My turn.

I think Mike’s cartoon is a signed confession of his ignorance, short-sightedness, and meaness in rgeardes to anyone who isn’t a conservative Republican. And to do this cartoon on a day when the Congress passed legislation that allows the President the power to authorize torture in America’s name is a disgrace. I’m told Mike used to be a Marine, but he there is no honor in this cartoon.

I’ve read elsewhere that the editorial writers like getting “hate mail” as it means readers are reacting to their work. I’ve posted a response to Mike’s cartoon on his Blog at www.ocregister.com.

But time to kick it up a notch.

Send in a thougtfully written letter, do not send hate mail, asking Mr. Shelton to kindly develop ideas for his work from the space between his ears and not the place up his cheeks (and I don’t mean mouth).

Write them: letters@ocregister.com; Ken Brusic, editor, kbrusic@ocregister.com. Express your displeasure.

Matt Cunningham blasted Chris P on this site not long ago for comparing Iraqi insurgents to Patrick Henry, an American patriot. Matt called the comparison dispicable and ignorant. Guess what Matt? This is just as bad.

Least we forget thst nationally, there are actually more registered Democrats than Republicans and the country is pretty divided. Mike’s cartoon portray’s half the country as terorrists. All while emphasizing the NIE’s status as “leaked” and not the content of the NIE.

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  1. Anonymous
    October 21, 2006 at 8:15 am

    I like Mike’s Cartoon. It sure beats your garbage.

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