Identity Theft

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Liberal bloggers in New Hampshire busted an aide to Rep. Charles Bass (R-N.H.) who was posing as a liberal blogger on such blogs as Blue Granite, NH-02 Progressive and others. Bass’ office admitted culpability to HOH and said the staffer would be “appropriately disciplined.”

The unnamed aide to Bass – who, like many others in his party, faces a tough re-election fight – was routinely trolling liberal New Hampshire political blogs calling himself “IndyNH” and more commonly IndieNH, pretending to be a progressive.
Finally, after noticing that lots of things he said just didn’t add up, a couple of the bloggers traced IndieNH’s IP address to the House of Representatives.

First off, I go to conservative sites all the time and post repsonses to some of the postings there; no hidden agenda and I never post as anonymous .

But how desperate are Republicans to hold on to power that rather than promote their own ideas for our country, it’s using false pretenses to tear down another candidate or party platform? The only thing this party has left to sell is fear. It’s all about restricting access to the polls and making you too afraid to do anything but vote for them.

The right wing noise machine continues to point out hate filled rants that appear in the comments section on Lefty Blogs as the Daily Kos and Crooks and Liars as evidence to the unhingered left. Hate filled comments occupy blogs on both sides of the aisle. But now that cases like this are expsoing the right, i wonder how many of those posts are written by political consulting firms paid to spread disinformation and hate?