Voter Registration Fraud is completely intentional

Don’t listen to the Republican Party; the voter registration scandal that hit Orange County this summer was not “rare” or “accidental” or “minor” or “unintentional.”

If you’re unfamiliar with the story, here’s the background:

Orange County Republicans were bragging about their successful voter registration drive in Central Orange County. [link]

Then we find out from the Orange County Register that Republican bounty hunters “lie, cajole and commit forgery” to get residents to join the Republican Party. [link]

Once light is shed on their seedy acts, they buck pass and claim to be unaware of the immoral techniques used in the “aggressive registration drive” that they were so proud of just months before.

Republicans like hiring aggressive bounty hunters to bolster their registration numbers. In the past 6 months, I’ve read about such things happening in the following places:

Orange County

San Bernardino County

Riverside County

California State

Salem, Oregon

In the coming week, we are going to read about the conclusion to the Orange County voter registration fraud; there will likely be an arrest or some serious consequences for specific bounty hunters. And we will probably see a quotation in a few of the stories from prominent Republicans telling us that they are happy to see this story’s conclusion. “We are all happy to see the criminal in this case being held accountable,” he will say.

But here’s the question I’d like to see an answer for: when will we hold these Republican organizations accountable? They employ crooks, and then dodge any consequences by claiming to be unaware of their doings.

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  1. September 24, 2006 at 5:11 pm

    “They employ crooks, and then dodge any consequences by claiming to be unaware of their doings.”

    You forgot to add something, Mike:

    These GOP leaders ARE CROOKS for misleading so many folks into reregistering GOP…
    This is simply reprehensible, and we absolutely need to hold them accountable as well.

    Oh, and have you thought about crossposting this on MyDD and/or Daily Kos and/or Calitics? The national blogs would go nuts if they knew what was happening here, and especially Calitics (as a state blog) would be interested.

  2. demmother
    September 26, 2006 at 5:20 pm

    They were caught before the Primary and Scotty Baugh said they would not hire Bounty Hunters again. Well Scotty… You’re Busted.

    Lying, bullying, hard luck stories,signing fake petitions are still going on in the 34th. I know, one of my friends encountered such an “activist”, we had another friend follow up.

    Since the Reps will do anything to take the 34th SD (by hook or crook) and the OC Registrar is about as helpful as lint, I think we need to get some group like the Carter Foundation here in Orange COunty to make sure that everyone can vote and that every vote is counted.

    I may sound paranoid, but some of us have a seige mentality here in OC.

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