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Terrorists in Iraq are like Doritos: we’ll make more tomorrow

This story was front page news in two of the top four dailies in the US (the other two don’t publish on Sunday). Thank goodness for the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times and reporters/editors demonstrating backbone and good old fashion conjones. The Register dumped this story on Page 4.

Contrary to wha the Bush administration and Right Wing talking machine have been telling us all along, our own spy organizations report the war in Iraq is creating more terrorists, not fewer.

So I guess it the Republicans who are weak on terror and national security.

  1 comment for “Terrorists in Iraq are like Doritos: we’ll make more tomorrow

  1. September 24, 2006 at 5:15 pm

    Good job, Dan.

    I read a similar post on Daily Kos today… This just confirms what we’ve known all along:

    The US Occupation of Iraq is only WORSENING TERRORISM there.

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