The not-so-welcoming OC GOP

Joel Bishop is making a run for Dana Point City Council. You might remember Bishop from this little stunt that was recounted by Martin Wisckol from the Orange County Register in the Total Buzz blog:

At the GOP’s Flag Day dinner last night, county Chairman Scott Baugh called to the podium Joel Bishop, president of the South Coast Water District. He gave him a registration card, which Bishop filled out in front of everyone while Baugh cracked that from now on, all Democrats changing to Republicans would do so in front of 1,000 people.

I remember reading about this in June and being a little sore, but I knew that ultimately this little stunt would come around and bite Bishop in the butt.

Orange County Republicans don’t like former Democrats. Ask Mark Leyes, who has run for almost every office he’s eligible for (didn’t he attempt a run for Garden Grove High School Student Body President in 2001?), but he can’t seem to get any higher than the Garden Grove City Council. Local Reps. can’t forget that Leyes was once a Democrat.

So the Bishop butt biting started last night at the OC GOP Central Committee when the final endorsements for all of the non-partisan races were made and (SURPRISE) Joel’s’ name was left off the list.

So, Joel, how’s your new party treating you?

[Total Buzz @ The OC Register]

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  1. September 20, 2006 at 9:11 am

    i’m just trying to fathom, considering the current iteration of the republican party, with it’s lies, endless wars, corruption, and torture chambers… anyone craven or stupid enough to become a republican right now.

    no punishment is bad enough for such a dolt.

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