Prohibition & Guantanamo Prisoners in OC

There were two stories at The Blotter today that were interesting.

First, Contributing Writer at the OC Weekly and ‘Drinking Liberally’ regular Alex Brant-Zawadzki blogged a little ditty about The City of Fullerton’s recent decision to close down businesses that dispense medical marijuana.

Fullerton’s prohibition is designed to protect the “health, safety, morals and general welfare” of Fullerton’s residents and businesses, while at the same time depriving Californians of their state-guaranteed rights (though that part’s in the fine print). It passed on a 5-2 margin, the dissenting votes coming from the only two Commission members with police experience. But a Sept. 7 report published by Americans for Safe Access claims that marijuana dispensaries actually provide benefits to their communities.

[Alex’s post @ The Blotter] [The Text of Prop 215]

Second, Gustavo Arellano posts links to that Banksy “art” that was left at Disneyland over the weekend:

The artist threw up a life-size Guantanamo Bay inmate standing inside the Big Thunder Mountain ride at Disneyland. The sculpture consists of an inflatable doll dressed up in an orange jumpsuit with its hands and feet chained.

[Gustavo’s post @ The Blotter] [Pictures of the “art”]