‘More cranes in Cali’ says Governor

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was at the Orange County Fairgrounds in Costa Mesa yesterday for a campaign fundraiser with his big green and orange RV.

Last night I had coffee with a friend that attended the event, and my buddy was saying that Schwarzenegger told the crowd that he wanted to see cranes all over the State of California.

“The birds?” I asked.

“No…stupid,” my friend said.

“A machine for hoisting heavy objects?”

My friend thought that I was being a smartass, but I truthfully couldn’t understand why the Governor would want to see either type of crane all over the state. As a person that depends too heavily on the not so fluid under construction 22 freeway, I couldn’t understand why any politician would announce amusement in having more in-progress construction projects.

“Maybe he meant Ken Crane stores…you know, that place that sells audio equipment.”

“No, idiot. He meant that he wanted to see more development in California.”

Well I still think it would be funny to see those heron-like birds walking around like stray cats.

[OC Register article] [Ken Crane Audio] [Cranes @ Wikipedia]

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  1. September 10, 2006 at 10:07 pm

    Hate to agree with Arnold. I want to see cranes around CA as well.

    I know construction sucks, but so does 1950’s era freeways in 2006.

    Arnold has done a good thing with infrastructure building, but not with how he funds it.

    I hope we get a Democrat in there who can work with cranes. A Democrat who can have cranes work to build hospitials and schools.
    A Democrat who uses cranes and pays for them, not puts them on my kids credit card.


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