Monthly Archives: September 2006

Another Republican Scandal

Congressman Mark Foley (R-FL) resigned Friday after ABC revealed sexually explicit Instant Messages (IMs) allegedly sent by him to current and former Congressional pages; children (boys) under the age of 18. Foley, ironically, led the House Caucus on Missing and Exploited Children and may go to jail under legsilation he helped author. ABC News had…

Political graffiti

Found this piece of political graffiti on the streets of Costa Mesa at The Wooster Collective. I’ve never been to great at interpreting art, so can anyone help me with what the message here is?

Fundraising event for Benny Diaz

Garden Grove City Council candidate Benny Diaz will be having a fundraising event at the Garden Grove Business Plaza (Euclid & Garden Grove Boulevard) on Friday, October 13 from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Individuals can attend for $50 and couples for $80. If you’re interested in attending RSVP by calling 714.357.4328 or email

The OC Republican Party’s ties to a child molester

If you replaced the name of all of the Republicans with Democrats in the lead to this OC Weekly story, I wonder if it would be getting more press: Accused child molester Jeffrey Ray Nielsen has been buddies with Congressman Dana Rohrabacher, former Orange County Republican bigwig Tom Fuentes and Sheriff Mike Carona. District Attorney…

Mike Shelton’s Disgraceful Cartoon

I have been stewing over Mike Shelton’s editorial cartoon in today’s (9/28/2006) Orange County Register. It portrays the leaked National Intelligence Estimate from 16 American Intelligence agencies that says Iraq is making more terrorists, not fewer, as a hand grenade being thrown by a donkey (Democrat) dressed as an Islamic terrorist. I am all for…

Boxer lives up to her name in Fox News interview

Click Here to see the video of Barbara Boxer of Fox. Barbara Boxer calls Faux News on their catch phrase of “Fair and Balanced.” My favorite part is the double take the reporter does before insisting that they are fair and balanced. Barbara just earned my vote next time around.


Check out the Democratic Party of Orange County’s new site at a new URL! You can still go to the net and it will refer you. (Some of you may remember we could not get the org when we put the last site up) Score One for Mike Levin.