The Register and Democrats, or “If you want the County to Take Control of Great Park Development, vote for the Republican Ticket”

I laughed out loud at Frank Mickadeit’s column this morning on the two horse race that the Irvine Mayor’s race has become. Why is it the Register only pays attention to Democrats, Liberals or Progressives in two ways: to denigrate them as a tax and spend party or if they come out against Larry Agran or Beth Krom. If you have a pro-Progressive voice in OC and it doesn’t fit either of those two criteria, good luck being recognized by the Register.

Frank Mickadeit, as far as I know, has never attended a Great Park team event, so his perception on the “weakness of the incumbent Mayor” is jaded by the time he spends with GOP operatives in Newport Beach. I have to hand to the Republicans, because they clearly have Franks ear. But I’ve attended these parties and there is a huge cross section of Irvine voters who enthusiastically support the work that she does. But for the GOP, repeat a lie often enough and its true.

What Frank failed to report that in the money circles, Krom has the second largest war chest of those running for Irvine City Hall. I’m sure her opponent will get lots of Lincoln Club cash between now and election day (and to be consistent here, I am not comfortable with the out of town money that Suhkee Kang has raised either).

What’s becoming increasingly clear here, is that a vote for the Republican ticket in Irvine is a vote to surrender control of the Great Park planning to the County — the same group of people who wanted an Airport. If you’re an Irvine voter, do you really want the county to take control? Do you want your council to surrender control?

I also enjoyed reading the candidates statements. Note to Ms. Shea: you’re on the record as saying, “People in Irvine like their cars” when you opposed the CenterLine Project that would have brought a light rail service to Irvine and OC. So to rail (I made a pun) against traffic gridlock in your candidate’s statement is a flip flop.

In addition, Ms. Shea was out of office when the Measure W vote went down, so her chest thumping on fighting to block the airport in an official capacity is the same as mine (calling on neighbors, petition gathering, get out the vote efforts et. al., yep, I did that too and I didn’t claim leadership in defeating the airport).

Did she work to stop the airport as Mayor? Yes. Was it stopped on her watch? No.

The Measure W vote was March 2002; Shea was out of office readying a new run at Council. Can’t exactly say “led the fight” can she? But you can say, she’s leading the fight for the county to take control again. If you running to represent the best interests of Irvine, its in Irvine’s best interest to maintain control of Park development.

And one of the authors of Measure W: Beth Krom.