The Orange County Political Blog Roundup

Here’s a rundown of what’s happening on the best Orange County Blogs:

  • Greatest Fictional Orange County Residents – Metroblog OC

    Mike Randall is trying to compile a list of the greatest fictional Orange County residents. His list currently includes Michael Bluth (Arrested Development), Shaun Brumder (Orange County The Movie), Marissa Cooper (The OC), and Sam Seaborn (The West Wing).

  • Smart Kids, Not So Smart Adults, and DNA for Dinner – The OC Weekly Blotter

    Paul Brennan starts by telling us that school-aged children from Spanish-speaking households are learning the English language faster than ever before, and adults aren’t. And then he goes off on fifty different tangents, citing polls and newspaper articles.

    Did you know that three-quarters of Americans can correctly identify two of Snow White’s seven dwarfs while only one quarter can name two Supreme Court justices?

  • Top Ten Hottest Sacramento Lobbyists – The Flash Report

    Flash Report blogger Adam Probolsky writes one of the shallowest things I’ve seen on a “political” blog in some time.

    My summer intern stumbled upon the Secretary of State’s web page on registered Sacramento lobbyists. Since there was not much intern work last week, we decided we would totally subjectively objectify the women lobbyist and choose ten that were deserving of this list.

  • Call it the OC Tax Collectors Assocation – OC Register’s Orange Punch

    Bitter, bitter, Steve Greenhut. He’s so upset that the Orange County Taxpayer’s Association supports the extension of Measure M (and I’m confident that most OC voters feel this way too).

    I’m curious to see how the opponents of the measure will attack.

  • oh yes…drink liberally – El Serracho

    El Serracho reminds everyone that ‘Drinking Liberally’ starts this Thursday at 8:30 p.m. at Memphis Bar in Santa Ana.

    He didn’t say it, but this is a restaurant and bar… so there is no cover, and there is no age limit, and you don’t have to drink. Bring lots of friends.

  • In their own words…the Irvine candidates – OC Register’s Total Buzz

    Sonya Smith posts the candidate statements of all of the candidates running for city seats in Irvine.

  • Sprinkles Cupcakes in OC – Squeeze OC Staff Blog

    It’s a sad day when gasoline prices are over $3. I can’t even think of an adjective for the day when cupcake prices rise just as high:

    $3.25 cupcakes became available in Orange County today with the opening of Sprinkles Cupcakes in Corona del Mar. Sprinkles is the bakery that has been causing a stir in Beverly Hills. Gourmet cupcakes have been big on the East Coast for years. The girls in “Sex and the City” chomped on them back in 2000.

  • Mitt “Open Borders” Romney Coming To Socal Thursday – Powder Blue Report

    Don’t let the name fool you…the Powder Blue Report isn’t a lefty blog like the color might suggest. Oh no. Bartlett writes about Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney’s visit to Orange County on Thursday, and he complains that Romney isn’t republican enough.

  • Who’ll Argue Against Measure M? – The OC Blog

    Matt Cunningham explains that there were multiple anti-M renewal ballot arguments filed at the Orange County Registrar’s office. The tough part now for the County is to figure out which one legally should be put on the ballot.

    The County Registrar’s office would never do anything illegal, right?

  • Carona is hoping no one is watching! – The Orange Juice Blog

    Tim Whitacre, who worked on Lt. Bill Hunt’s campaign for Sheriff reminds us of the on-going aftermath of the June 6th election:

    Lt. Bill Hunt, a 21 year veteran of the OCSD with a spotless record and a City Resolution from San Clemente asking for his return as their Chief of Police, is STILL on paid administrative leave by Carona.

    It is truly sad to see any politician, let alone one who uses his position to pretend to be a cop, to be able to pull off political retribution at taxpayer expense.

    Lt. Bill Hunt just went through one “Internal Investigation” interview an there is another one scheduled.

    Carona’s ultimate goal? To find a way to fire Lt. Hunt, OR, force him to resign and look for employment elsewhere.

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