From the horse’s mouth: Arnold tells us he is incompetent.

I try to keep things on this blog local, but some things are just too hard not to share.

After seeing this clip, I thought “Oh [insert expletive]! He’s running on this anti-tax platform, but he has no plan on paying down the state’s debt?”

This is very typical. “Conservatives” that spend all of their time talking about how much they hate taxes, and can’t come up with logical ways to pay the balance.

Being against excessive taxes is one thing, but stubbornly adhering to a disastrous belief that is ultimately responsible for a raising college tuitions, cutting healthcare coverage, and other cuts in general social programs, with no plan for the future, is just devastating.

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  1. August 15, 2006 at 4:54 pm

    Puhh-lease! So Ahhnold has no plan to reduce the deficit… how precious!

    Last year, Mr. Governator said that we couldn’t afford to fully fund our schools, continue our level of commitment to the poor folks on Medi-Cal, or keep the (already high) tuition for Cal-State and UC at its 2004 level. He said that we needed to control the deficit.

    So now a reporter nicely asks him for HIS PLAN TO CONTROL THE DEFICIT… and his answer was “I don’t have one”??!! Once again, California needs to learn this lesson: Don’t elect a Governor with no experience in the real world whatsoever… we need real leaders, not actors!

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