Protesters show up at Mansoor fundraiser last Sunday

A few days ago I wrote a post about a fundraiser for Costa Mesa Mayor Allan “Definitely Not a Mexican” Mansoor. In the post, I mentioned the location of the event (a public park) and suggested that people show up to protest Mansoor’s screwy politics.

I’m surely not suggesting that the protesters that showed up at the event had anything to do with yours truly, but I’d really like to believe that has become an inspiration to the lefties here in OC.

A Mansoor supporter that was at the event posted photos on craigslist:

I found these photos thanks to Lurk at the OC Blog who was (his words, not mine) “cruising craigslist” at 9:00 at night. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions.

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  1. WillowLu
    August 1, 2006 at 5:47 pm


    Monday, July 31, 2006


    80 anti-immigrant activists, most from outside Costa Mesa, join the festivities


    COSTA MESA, CALIF — It was a perfect Sunday afternoon for a barbecue in Fairview Park. Not a cloud was in the sky and a cool ocean breeze blew off most of the muggy heat that Californians have endured lately.

    Gilchrist Angels, a group co-founded by wealthy Laguna Beach “Minutewoman” Eileen Garcia, was holding a fundraiser for Costa Mesa mayor and honorary “Minuteman Project” member Allan Mansoor, who is seeking re-election this November.

    Everybody had a good time, including Mansoor. A boyish grin stretched across his face as he sat down and autographed T-shirts with American flags imprinted on the backside for $50 each. He gleefully accepted when Garcia plunked down a final $500 bid to lock in a future date with the eligible bachelor/Minuteman/Mayor.

    Where there is cash, there are politicians. Costa Mesa mayor pro-tem Eric Bever munched down hot dogs and chips. Huntington Beach congressman Dana Rohrabacher made his standard, long-winded, anti-immigrant, “pro America” speech.

    Also present was Newport Beach city council member Dick Nichols, whom Mansoor introduced as an honored guest. But like many of the other Minuteman types present, Nichols has a colorful past. He was censured in 2003 by his council colleagues for making racist insults about Mexicans.

    Nichols had told a reporter at the time that he was concerned with a proposed expansion of the park area at Corona del Mar State Beach because “with grass we usually get Mexicans coming in there early in the morning and they claim it as theirs, and it becomes their personal, private grounds all day.”

    It was no surprise to see Nichols at the mayor’s fund raising event. After all, Mansoor is a bigot magnet. There seems to be a mutual attraction between the mayor and a wide variety of racists, mostly from outside of Costa Mesa, who he obviously hopes to rely on to fund his political future (not many local residents attended the Sunday barbecue, incidently).

    Since being elected to the city council in 2002, Mansoor has made his reputation by bashing gays, trying to “clean up” the city’s (immigrant) west side, appointing a known white supremacist to a redevelopment board, scapegoating local “illegal” immigrants for heinous crimes — despite a low crime rate, and by stifling free speech at city council meetings.

    Good times at the fundraiser were interrupted by occasional shouts of “Mansoor you’re a racist” and “racists go home” from a small group of demonstrators.

    Most of the mayor’s supporters handled it in stride and some engaged in spirited discussions with their political opponents.

    Garcia, the Minutewoman, and the Minuteman (“law and order”) Mayor seemed to be the only ones who couldn’t handle free speech in the park. Garcia tried to mislead demonstrators and unembedded journalists into believing that they were “illegals” and the park was closed to them. And when the mayor noticed he was being photographed by unembedded journalists, he raced off in a huff to complain to the police, but to no avail.


    John Earl of contributed to this report.

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