Hell freezes over, pigs fly, and I’m agreeing with Norby & Greenhut

We’ve been reading about this ridiculous $400,000 contract that Sheriff Mike Carona has been peddling to the Board of Supervisors since June, and the final decision will more than likely be made on Tuesday. It’s a contract with Scott P. Bryant and Associates to keep up a decade-long series of yearly public opinion polls about the Sheriff’s office.

This survey asks things like: how important is it for the Sheriff to investigate murder and rape cases? Duh?!?

Supervisor Chris Norby has stood firmly on questioning the Sheriff, and ultimately the Board deadlocked on the funding: Norby and Correa voted against, and Wilson and Silva voting for. Bill Campbell was absent and will cast the deciding vote on Tuesday, August 1st.

That means that we have a couple of days to inundate the Board’s offices with our opinions. Let them know that are against real wasteful government spending: this survey asks the public how quickly they would like their 911 calls answered!

I am going to also write to my Supervisor and let him know that he should stand up to the bully sheriff. Carona strong-arms when he wants to get his way; we saw it when he assaulted a television cameraman back in May. And Carona is afraid he won’t get what he wants here, because he’s out there getting ugly again (from an OC Register editorial):

”The silly part about this is we spent more staff time trying to educate Mr. Norby, and clearly, he’s incapable of being educated,” Sheriff Carona told a Register reporter.

“The only waste of taxpayer dollars is the time that we have had to listen to Norby debate this.”

1st District: Lou Correa
Phone: 714.834.3110
Fax: 714.834.5754
Email: lou.correa@ocgov.com

2nd District: Jim Silva
Phone: 714.834.3220
Fax: 714.834.6109
Email: district.two@ocgov.com

3rd District: Bill Campbell
Phone: (714) 834-3330
Fax: (714) 834-2786
E-mail: Bill.Campbell@ocgov.com

4th District: Chris Norby
Phone: 714.834.3440
Fax: 714.834.2045
Email: Chris.Norby@ocgov.com

5th District: Thomas Wilson
Phone: 714.834.3550
Fax: 714.834.2670
Email: Thomas.Wilson@ocgov.com

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  1. July 30, 2006 at 12:27 pm

    Hey Mike,

    This really shouldn’t be a surprise here. Both of these guys oppose government spending on general principal. It was bound to happen sometime. They finally identified some actual waste in their random rants.

    Neither one of these guys seemed to blink when the Health Care Agency mismanaged hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal grants and they have ignored the fact that thousands more are being spent to appeal the federal government’s demand that they refund the money, when they know that management simply failed to do their job.

    Of course, according to County CEO Thomas Mauk, “the Health Care Agency is one of the best run departments in the County.”

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