This is the first in a series of articles where we run candidate profiles about good politicians that are fighting for seats in November. This series will also include many city council races after the August 11th filing deadline.

The name Phil Angelides isn’t new to any of us. His focus has usually been on ending the abuses that have harmed the financial security of California families and California’s economy. As state treasurer, Phil has aggressively stood up for the principles of responsibility, fairness, and opportunity.

Since the election of Governor Schwarzenegger, Angelides has grown more and more concerned over the governor’s proposals to cut education and healthcare for Californians for those reasons he says that he has decided to run to replace Governor Schwarzenegger.Arnold campaigned for Bush in Ohio; Arnold used a wrong-headed special election to try to roll back a woman’s right to choose; Arnold burdened our kids with debt when he had promised otherwise; turned young people away from college and slashed classroom education when he had promised otherwise; coddled special interested when he had promised otherwise.

When Angelides spoke to the California Democratic Party in April, his conviction to democratic ideals shined:

As your Governor, I’ll roll back some of those tax giveaways so we can fund our schools, and reverse Arnold Schwarzenegger’s tuition and fee hikes.

If George Bush and Arnold Schwarzenegger think it’s fine for young men and women to sacrifice their lives in the sands of Iraq, then their big-money bakers can sacrifice to give our young people the best schools in the world.

As your Governor, I’ll take on the big polluters to protect our environment and make California the global leader in the fight against global warming.

As your Governor, I’ll stand up to HMO profiteering and expand health care for working Californians, starting with all children.

As your Governor, I will do everything in my power to stand up to the Bush administration in Washington – to speak out against a war in Iraq that wounds our conscience as well as our young people – and to give Nancy Pelosi a Democratic President in 2008 so we can bring Democratic values to all of American

I’ve been fighting for those values – for each one of you – for too long to back down now.

If anyone in Orange County is interested in volunteering some time to the Phil Angelides campaign, contact Kandice Richardson: krichardson@angelides.com. Don’t hesitate to tell them that TheLiberalOC.com sent you.

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